Tuesday/Thursday Courses


8:00 am TO 9:50 AM



10:00 am TO 11:50 AM



12:00 pm TO 1:50 pM



2:00 pm TO 3:50 pM

Tentative Agenda

Please check agenda for changes and updates regularly.


Tuesday 1-19

--PowerPoint class introduction

--class activity

--Assignment instructions

--discuss scheduling

-- submit questions

      • 1.Choose your novel and begin reading. Bring it with you to class on Thursday


        • 2. Download the syllabus. Read it. Study it. Print it out.
        • There will be a quiz over the syllabus information on Thursday. You will be asked to turn in the last page, filled out.


Thursday 1-21

--Quiz over syllabus

--Syllabus quick review

--Turn in syllabus contact information sheet

--Introduce novels (bring your novels with you to class each day)

--Create reading schedule for novel

--Meet with novel groups (if time permits)




    WEEK 2

Tuesday 1-26


--Journal Instructions review and Q/A

--Lesson on context clues

1.Click here to watch instructions for creating a TP and NoRedInk account

  • 2.Read your novel


  • 3.Read chapter 1 from your textbook (quiz on Thursday)


Thursday 1-28


--chapter 1 discussion and kahoot

-- Blackboard overview---posting your journal entry


1. quiz over chapter 1

2. create TownsendPress and NoRedInk account

3. Townsend Press assignment (context clues)

    • 1.Read your novel. First journal is due next Thursday.

      • 2.Due on Tuesday- From In Concert page 15 (exercise 1.7), page 17 (exercise 1.9), and page 31 (exercise 1.18).
      • Please turn in the textbook pages (do not use a separate sheet of paper)




Tuesday 2-2


-- Blue book entry

-- turn in homework from In Concert.

--Summarizing and annotating group lesson using Article 1

1. Read your novel (Journal #1 is due Thursday)

2.Optional EXTRA CREDIT opportunity: Write one paragraph explaining why your textbook is called In Concert. The paragraph must be typed and well written. You can earn up to 10 points, depending on the quality of the paragraph.


Thursday 2-4

-- SSR

--turn in extra credit paragraphs

-- Review: Journal submissions on BlackBoard-- due tonight before 1159pm

--Using prior knowledge/ making connections discussion


-NoRedInk assignment

-finish last week's Townsend Press assignment

-submit journal #1



Tuesday 2-9

-- Blue book entry

--Gallery Walk for chapter 2

-- Kahoot: chapter 2

--Turn in article #1

  • 1.Study for quiz over chapter 2 Thursday

    2. Read your novel


Thursday 2-11

    --Presentation by CLE staff


    --discuss extra credit opportunities for next week


    -Chapter 2 quiz

    -NoRedInk assignment

    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------

        WEEK 5

        Tuesday 2-16 and Thursday 2-18

        -- No class this week. Mrs. Reyna will be out of town at a conference.

        Don't worry....you will have plenty of homework.


        WEEK 6

        Tuesday 2-23

        -- Blue book entries and writing activity

        --Discuss Article #2

        --Turn in article #2

        --Journal #2 due tonight before 1159pm

        • 1.Study for quiz over chapter 3 Thursday

          2. Read your novel

          3. textbook homework extension...bring back completed assignment (with summaries for each paragraph) on Thursday.

          4. Optional: NoRedInk practice (quiz next Thursday...check agenda)


        Thursday 2-25


          ---Gallery Walk for chapter 3

          -- Kahoot: chapter 3


          -------Chapter 3 quiz

          --------NoRedInk assignment--Commonly Confused Words

          part I and II must be completed before March 3


            • On the printout, add summaries to each paragraph and annotations throughout .


              2.NoRedInk assignment--Commonly Confused Words

              part I and II must be completed by March 3


        WEEK 8

        (We're half way to the end!)

        Tuesday 3-8

        --Topic Sentence and paragraph assignment--prewriting

        -- Topic Sentence PowerPoint

        - Blue book entries

        • 1. Complete topic sentence/paragraph ...typed--double spaced

          2. Blue books due Thursday


        Thursday 3-10

          Mrs Reyna is out sick today. I apologize for cancelling class.

          Please follow directions.

          1. Hold on to your blue books and article 4 until March 22

          2. If possible, take your assigned paragraph to a tutor at the CLE for revisions.

          3. submit the assigned paragraph through BlackBoard before

          Friday (3/10) at 1159pm. The paragraph must be edited.

          • 4. Don't forget to complete assignments for spring break.
          • See the yellow box below.

        5. Have a fun and SAFE spring break.

        If you have any questions,

        please email me at



        WEEK 9

        (Tuesday 15th and Thursday the 17th)

        SPRING BREAK!!!


          • 1. Submit completed and edited paragraph on blackboard by Friday the 11th
          • 2. Article: Why Kids Won't Quit Technology due March 22nd
            • On the printout, add summaries to each paragraph and annotations throughout .


          3. Watch the movie! If you have not already watched the movie from your novel, make sure you do. We will begin working on the compare/contrast essay when you return from spring break.

          4. Read chapter 4 in your textbook. There will be a quiz upon your return from spring break.

          5. Watch these videos and write a half page (typed) summary about each one (that's 3 summaries)


    WEEK 10

    Tuesday 3-22

    --Blue book entries (strong lines and why) for "YouTube Goes to College"," Why Kids Won't Quit Technology", and "Why Technology Alone Won't Fix Schools"

    --turn in video summaries

    --Remember that journal #4 is due tonight!

    --turn in article

    --discuss paragraphs from last week individually

    --meet in novel groups to list movie/book differences

    - Blue books will not be turned in yet

    • 1.Consider the revisions and comments I made on your submitted paragraph. Print out the paragraph with my comments, then make the necessary revisions. Turn in both the original and the corrected paragraph stapled together on Tuesday.

      2. Turn in final journal tonight before 1159pm

      3.Kahoot and gallery walk over Chapter 4 on Tuesday (3/29)

      4. Quiz over chapter 4 on Thursday (3/31)

    • WEEK 11

      Tuesday 3-29

      --turn in revised paragraph with original draft

      --Review sample essay outline

      --Meet in novel groups to brainstorm outlines

      --Chapter 4 review

      --Chapter 4 Kahoot

      • 1.Completed essay outline (typed)

        2. .Textbook homework -- due next Tuesday

        (Exercises 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-15, and 4-18)

        Any exercise that requires you to read a paragraph, needs to be paraphrased

        Please write your answers in the textbook, even if it means making copies of the pages.


        Thursday 3-31



        --Discuss introductory paragraphs

        --peer review completed outlines

        --work on introductory paragraph


        --Quiz over Chapter 4 (on blackboard)

        --work on essay rough draft

        • 1.Completed outline, rough draft (with proof of tutor), and typed final draft essay is due next Thursday

          Correction! The assigned chapter is #6, not 5!

          2. Read chapter 6 ..kahoot on Tuesday...quiz on Thursday

    WEEK 12

    Tuesday 4-5

    --turn in Textbook homework from chapter 4

    (Exercises 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-15, and 4-18)

    -- Essay checklist click here

    - Work on essay rough draft

    • 1. work on compare/contrast essay

      2. Meet with a tutor about your essay

      3. Read chapter 6


      Thursday 4-7

      --peer edit rough drafts

      --Kahoot chapter 6


      --Quiz over Chapter 6 (on blackboard)

      --submit final essays to blackboard by (due before midnight on Monday 4/11)

      • 1. Turn in outlines and rough drafts (with proof of tutor) on Tuesday.

      WEEK 13

      Tuesday 4-12

      --turn in outlines and rough drafts

      -- meet in groups to discuss articles

      - discuss cause/effect

      --brainstorm ideas for cause/effect

      • 1. Read chapter 11

        2. Bring 3 main points for your essay


      WEEK 15

      Tuesday 4-26

      --Q and A on Works Cited page/ Easybib.com

      --Discussion of Final Exam essay/click here for instructions

      --Begin Review for final exam (Assign handout for review)

      -- Play word to word for extra credit

      • 1. Complete review handout by next Tuesday (yes, with paraphrase)


        Thursday 4-28

        --turn in the following

        *typed (revised) outline,

        *rough draft with tutor signature,

        *typed and printed final essay that includes a Works Cited page(handed in)

        --play tribond for extra credit

        --Work on review handout (due Tuesday)


        --Course Evaluations

        --NoRedInk assignment to practice citations

        --W05 and W06 --counselor's/advisors for preregistration

        • 1. Review handout (due Tuesday)...with paraphrase

      WEEK 16

      Tuesday 5-3

      --grade/correct final exam review

      --turn in blue books

      • 1.Final exam essay due Thursday


        Thursday 5-5

        --Turn in final exam essay

        --discuss final grades

        • 1. Final exam on Tuesday

          WEEK 17

          Tuesday 5-10

          --Final Exam today (last day of class)

        • PLEASE BE ON TIME.
        • You will not be allowed to take
          the test if you are late.


        • Schedule: Tuesday May 10th
        • 8am, 10am, 12pm, and 2pm
        • All exams are in A111