Final Exam

The final exam is worth:

20% of the semester grade for read 100 students






Exam Overview

Exam overview:

* The exam will have 4 long selections

* Each selection will have 10 multiple choice questions

* The test has 40 questions total

* Questions will cover the following:

1. vocabulary (using context clues)

2. stated and implied main idea and details

3. author's purpose / author's tone

4. fact and opinion

5. relationships (list, time order, cause/effect, compare/contrast, problem/solution, definition/example)

6. making inferences / drawing conclusions

(Hint: There are more main idea questions than any other type of question on the exam.)

Since there are 40 questions on the exam, missing 12 items will equal a 70%.


* You will only need a pencil or pen on the day of the final. No scantrons.


* Please note: I do not award additional points once the final grade has been calculated. Any grade between a 67 and 69.4 will be automatically reviewed. I will look closely to make sure I didn't make any errors. If I have not made any errors, the grade will stand. I will not give out any additional points. Extra credit opportunities have been given throughout the semester; it was up to you to take advantage of them at the time.